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NaPoWriMo-Poem#11 Something Sure

NaPoWriMo Poem #11 of 30

30 Poems in 30 Days for National Poetry Writing Month

Something Sure

Clutter on the counter

Shoes piled at the door

Now it feels like someone lives here

There’s a sense of something more

Someone’s making coffee

Cooking food

And doing chores

Sounds of life around me

Cats are stretched out on the floor

Where there once were plans for someday

Now I’m holding something sure

NaPoWriMo2020 Poem #6- Isolation: Day 27

Poem #6 of 30

Isolation: Day 27

human movement minimal-

as if everyone but our small tribe

has traveled off planet

and we are left behind

uninvited to what’s happening anywhere else

in isolation

the inner voice yells its agenda





do something

do nothing

are they different?

now, in this void of action

left to our own devices

we sit like children

outside the principal’s office


for a ride home



NaPoWriMo Poem #30: My Job Now

This is the final entry for the April 2019 National Poetry Writing Month Challenge: 30 Poems in 30 Days. This has been so interesting and like any creative endeavor, it makes me want to go make something else. I think I’ll do some painting next…

But for now, for Paul, who filled the world for 27 years and now forever…


My Job Now

It’s said that if a writer loves you

That you will never die

and I’m here to tell you

that it’s true-

A thousand times

Your eyes are seen

Your words are heard

Your wild heart is revealed-

Each reader who stumbles

onto your pages

starts the clock again

on your life as

they discover you-

As if you were still so young

As if you were still here

As if your heart still beat strong and true

It’s my job now

To make them not forget you

And so you come along with me

When I grab my pen and notebook



We’ll write the tales you never got to live.

Writer’s Digest Word Prompt Thursday Poem

The word prompt for Thursday Poetry today at http://www.writersdigest.com, was “On The Road”
Here’s my burnt offering…



That’s why I stopped
And if I hadn’t
I never would have seen the girl
With hair climbing to Jupiter
And nails that made me think of indelicate things
Like the dangers of toilet procedures
sporting four inch claws
But, damn, this peach pie-
it is sweet hot heaven on my tongue
And I don’t care that this old plate
Has a chip from 1964.
Just drop that thing
On the formica.
I’ll make it disappear.