Writer, Former Columnist: Karmic Soup/Mental Floss for iCE Magazine Sunday pullout for the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, Poet, Blogger, Artist, Jewelry Designer, Event Planner, Ridiculously Good Cook, Animal lover, Traveler, Photographer, Metaphysics Guide and Connoisseur of Hilarity and a Certified Hypnotherapist. She is a published author who lives in Michigan with animals and humans. She is currently working on a paranormal action series, a non-fiction book, a sci-fi romance and erotica under a pseudonym. Member of the RWA, MMRWA and CCWA, CCWA Board Member. When she’s not doing that other stuff, she and her family own and operate an event venue in a wildly gorgeous old building at the top of the Leelanau Peninsula. See her photography page on this blog site’s menu and news of upcoming shows/sales.

mimi raybans

About the name of this blog… Why Word Ninja Girl instead of Woman? Well, grab a cup of tea and I’ll tell you the story…

From the Leibster Award question section:

11 Weird Facts about myself:

  1. I hate self-promotion almost as much as I do washing floors.
  2. In an alternate universe, I am a rock star and I don’t wake up until noon.
  3. In another alternate universe, I am a roller derby champion who goes by the name, “The Menace.”
  4. In yet another alternate universe, math is my best subject. (insert laughter here…)
  5. I have held a chimpanzee’s hand.
  6. I have sat on the roof of a Hopi Kiva during a private Kachina dance while seated next to my host family’s young bald eagle tethered to a perch six inches from my head.
  7. I watched my life flash before my eyes while on the bus ride from hell on winding roads in the mountains on the far side of Gomera in the Canary Islands.
  8. I have gone on a search alone in Kowloon, China for strange herbal ingredients from Chinese pharmacists.
  9. I have had a six foot red kangaroo pick my pockets in the Flinders Range, outside Adelaide, Australia.
  10. I had a spontaneous and startling past life memory on my first trip to London where I “knew” where many places were, without a map or studying the city.
  11. I interviewed The Amazing Kreskin, for my magazine column and a twenty minute slot turned into three hours of laughing and great talk. On my departure, he took my hand and said he hadn’t had that much fun talking about random things since Margaret Mead died. I was blown away to be held in the same stratosphere as one of my heroes.

    Watch for these new titles, coming soon! Read samples from each title in the Appetizer Menu.

    *  The Grove: Book One of The Awakened Trilogy 

    *  Arc

    *  Red Lotus Club

    *  Acceptance: Book One of The Leelanau Chronicles

    *  Apprentice: Book Two of the Leelanau Chronicles

    *  Adept: Book Three of the Leelanau Chronicle

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and other touchy stuff…

***All the writing on this blog, except where I have given proper credit to the author, are my own words and I hold all rights to them. Please don’t be a schmuck and steal my intellectual property. If you’d like to use a quote or to reprint some of my work, contact me and let’s talk. I’m a pretty nice person, unless your intentions are evil. Then I am a Sicilian Demon Slayer and you will rue the day you challenged me. But let’s not go there. I prefer peace…

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