In June 2019, Mimi participated in her second photography competition at the Northport Arts Association ~ Photography Exhibit & Sale.
This new show was titled, Chicago: Sugared.

An online portfolio-

Mimi on Mobile Photography Manipulation…
“I love the rebel aspect of creating photo images armed only with a cellphone. I also own dust covered cameras and shoe boxes filled with a lifetime of negatives but this is a fresh, immediate and deliciously satisfying process. It’s art on the fly with every control you need, right in your hands.
I have also been in love with photography all my life. from my first Brownie camera to my beloved Olympus OM1, purchased at the Navy Base in Rota, Spain in August 1975, and now my Samsung and iPhone cameras are with me wherever I go.
But, once you’ve recorded an image it’s like you caught a fabulous butterfly in a net. I want to let it go, or maybe, remember it in a stylized way. Isn’t that what we do with our memories? We soften the edges of moments past and remember people more perfect than they were, places more idyllic.
I enjoy taking the familiar and creating a caricature of it. Changing it into a new but familiar place where magical creatures or super heroes will feel right at home walking through those doors. Buildings especially. They each have their purpose and they have a personality. The warmth and homey feeling of a bakery; the serious formalism of office buildings, skyscrapers in particular.
I like the idea of redefining a building’s image to exaggerate the roles they play in our lives; making them the stuff of graphic novels or children’s stories. It knocks the wind out of the sails of the self important and it raises up the places that exist to bring joy, sustenance and wonder to our all-too-real lives.”
Mimi DiFrancesca- Chicago: Sugared
Her photo, Fortress of Evil won honorable mention in the international 9th Annual Mobile Photography Awards competition.  See it here: 9th Annual International Mobile Photography Awards Winner Visual FX
Click images to see details- Here are a few images from the 2018 and the 2019 shows