This is the final entry for the April 2019 National Poetry Writing Month Challenge: 30 Poems in 30 Days. This has been so interesting and like any creative endeavor, it makes me want to go make something else. I think I’ll do some painting next…

But for now, for Paul, who filled the world for 27 years and now forever…


My Job Now

It’s said that if a writer loves you

That you will never die

and I’m here to tell you

that it’s true-

A thousand times

Your eyes are seen

Your words are heard

Your wild heart is revealed-

Each reader who stumbles

onto your pages

starts the clock again

on your life as

they discover you-

As if you were still so young

As if you were still here

As if your heart still beat strong and true

It’s my job now

To make them not forget you

And so you come along with me

When I grab my pen and notebook



We’ll write the tales you never got to live.

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