So, I’m a writer. Which means I have a “real job” and I write when I can. Which, for me, is when it’s not peak wedding season.

I have a venue in Northern Michigan. It’s a really great little venue that’s in high demand for couples looking for a fairytale wedding. So, from May until late fall, I am up to my ears in timelines, floor plans, flowers and cake…on the dance floor…in the carpet…in my hair. Don’t ask.

This season, we started adding other events to the calendar during the weekdays; weddings on the weekends. Except recently, when I had to flip the building from a wedding to a chef dinner to a wedding to a private party to a catering job outside the venue and then a wedding again. I should just change my name to Allied Van Lines given the furniture moved around in here. But I am not complaining. I love what I do. And I especially love bringing people together to celebrate whatever they are moved to celebrate.

I’ve always been that person. You know, the one that everybody called to say, “What’s happening this weekend?” And if nothing was happening I would make something happen. Now I get paid to do that.

Love it. Just can’t do any writing while I’m freaking out at midnight wondering if the linen order was right or if it’s going to rain forcing the couple’s ceremony out of the marina park and into the venue two hours earlier.

Weddings are great places to people watch. It’s a smorgasbord of every group and family dynamic you can imagine and a few you really don’t want to imagine. Great hunting grounds for character building for stories.

In October, the 13th to be exact, I have five female authors converging on the venue for Books, Babes & Booze- a cocktail reception/book signing/panel discussion. Can’t wait!

So that’s where the hell I’ve been since May. I’ll be back writing soon. OK. Soonish.

In the meantime, you can follow my flower trail at

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