Poem #3 of 30. NaPoWriMo

Soul Sister-For Marylynn

Decades move
Like melting glaciers
Returning us to our ocean source
The stories we share
At our slumber parties
Echo shapes of needs and wants
And how they have changed
And not changed-
From junior high
To senior living-
Hair and boys and clothes and body changes
Grey and men and comfortable shoes and body changes
Half a century of late night whispers

laying out our moments
Like a candy haul
From a lifetime of Halloweens
Spread out on our hotel bedspreads
Here on this Chicago weekend
Sorting out the best bits first
And as the night goes on
We’re down to tossing inedible things
They happened but they do not own us
Soul sister
The one I can hold my world up to and ask
“Do I look weird in this life?”
And she’ll say,
“Oh, hell yes. But, somehow, it looks good on you.”

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