rThe Liebster Award

I would like to thank my fellow blogger friend, Melanie Blackwell at http://wordifull.com.wordpress  for her gracious nomination for the Liebster award, which is a recognition given to small bloggers by other small bloggers. It’s so nice to know that fellow bloggers have spent some time with my words and thought enough of them to give me this shout out. Now it’s my turn to spread the love. The eleven blogs that I  am nominating are listed below along with the eleven questions that I’d like those favored bloggers to answer. There must be something magic about the number 11. It is not mine to question. Let it works it’s special juju.

The 11 Blogs that I wish to Nominate for the Liebster Award are as follows:

Please, click the links and visit each blog!












So, here are my own responses to the questions asked by my nominator; 11 weird facts about myself and 11 answers to her questions:

11 Weird Facts about myself:

  1. I hate self-promotion almost as much as I do washing floors.
  2. In an alternate universe, I am a rock star and I don’t wake up until noon.
  3. In another alternate universe, I am a roller derby champion who goes by the name, “The Menace.”
  4. In yet another alternate universe, math is my best subject.
  5. I have held a chimpanzee’s hand.
  6. I have sat on the roof of a Hopi Kiva during a private Kachina dance while seated next to my host family’s young bald eagle tethered to a perch six inches from my head.
  7. I watched my life flash before my eyes while on the bus ride from hell on winding roads in the mountains on the far side of Gomera in the Canary Islands.
  8. I have gone on a search alone in Kowloon, China for strange herbal ingredients from Chinese pharmacists.
  9. I have had a six foot red kangaroo pick my pockets in the Flinder’s Range, outside Adelaide, Australia.
  10. I had a spontaneous and startling past life memory on my first trip to London where I “knew” where many places were, without a map or studying the city.
  11. I interviewed The Amazing Kreskin, for my magazine column and a twenty minute slot turned into three hours of laughing and great talk. On my departure, he took my hand and said he hadn’t had that much fun talking about random things since Margaret Mead died. I was blown away to be held in the same stratosphere as one of my heroes.

The eleven answers I gave to my nominator’s questions:

  1. What is your favorite novel? Yikes! A bit like asking who is your favorite child. OK. I’m going to go with Kurt Vonnegut’s, “Siren’s of Titan”
  2. Who is your favorite fictional character? Currently? Dante Valentine from author, Lilith Saintcrow’s, “Dante Valentine Series”. She’s the BEST female badass in fiction.
  3. What is your favorite movie? Again…Currently? I have to say that Star Trek 2009 was cinema perfection. I loved the script, the dialog, the acting and every freaking detail of scenery, action etc. Superb entertainment.
  4. What is your favorite way to relax? Watching favorite movies or TV programs with my Great Dane snugged up beside me.
  5. What is your favorite song and/or band currently? At least once a week for months now, I must hear KT Tunstall’s “Difficulty”. I LOVE IT. And, “Part time Believer” by Boy & Bear. And “Same Love”, by Macklemore & Mary Lambert
  6. What was your favorite song and/or band during your teenage years? I’m ancient, so I have shades of Joni Mitchell swirled in with Eric Clapton and his many bands, Led Zeppelin, Nick Drake and too many others to name.
  7. What is one of your guilty pleasures? Pinterest. I’m a maniac. True story. Check it out! http://pinterest.com/mimigrace1/boards/
  8. What is your favorite color? You know that iridescent color that runs from gold to green to purple to indigo like on a Mallard Ducks feathers? Yeah, that color.
  9. What makes you smile or laugh no matter what? Babies and small children laughing uncontrollably and pictures of animals looking hilarious.
  10. Where have you always wanted to go but haven’t yet? Bali. It’s on my short list.
  11. Finish this sentence: “I wish…………” I wish the planet would have a spontaneous evolutionary leap and experience oneness for an entire day; feeling love and compassion for everything and everyone around them. Nothing would ever be the same.

Here are my eleven questions for my own nominees!:

  1. What are you working on right now?
  2. Ten years ago, what did you think you would be doing in 2013?
  3. Don’t name names, but, is there one particular person from your life that you hope reads your work and changes their mind about who you are?
  4. When you were a child, what did you think you would do for a career?
  5. If you could bring back one television program that has been cancelled, which one would it be?
  6. If you could resurrect one dead author to write one more book, who would it be?
  7. I’m your Cyber Fairy Godmother. What is your one wish that pertains to your blog?
  8. Most artists play in many disciplines. Besides writing, what other artistic expressions do you dabble in?
  9. What do you listen to while you create things?
  10. When words fail you, what do you do to grease the wheels of creativity again?
  11. In five years, what do want to have accomplished?


3 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Well deserved indeed! Sorry for the delay in reading. Loved reading your answers…especially “You know that iridescent color that runs from gold to green to purple to indigo like on a Mallard Ducks feathers? Yeah, that color.” Made me smile!

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