Know Me Now

You think you know me

Because you’ve kissed my mouth

Because one time, many years ago,

we could be found

laughing together.

You think you know exactly who I am because you kept the hard

and cut away the soft things in your memory.

You know one small place,

from when I was still carbon

and you have missed the thousand other things

that have made me who I am now.

I’ve stood to take the blows from chisel and hammer

struck hard against my soul.

Love and loss;

The letting go of a future no longer possible.

Chiseled away and polished with tears,

every hard thing done; yours or mine

has made its mark on me.

Old friends, now disembodied spirits floating in my heart;

Old lovers, whispering on thinning skin of young fire and need;

each has cut a surface onto me.

And if you turn my life in your hand;

angle it just so;

you’ll see a flare of light and know

it was you who put that on me.

Know me as I shine

Know all of me.

Know me now

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