NaPoWriMo2020 Poem #30 of 30: Art Through Peter

National Poetry Writing Month and Global Poetry Writing Month! I’m done. 30 poems in 30 days. I always enjoy this challenge because it makes me stop for a period of time each day to dig around in my word garden and see what I can pull out for a little snack or a full on meal. This last one is going to be a little Birthday shout out for a friend and artist up here at the top of the Leelanau Peninsula who constantly amazes all of us with what he creates in his “mad scientist” studio on beautiful Cathead Bay.  You can find Peter’s artwork at Studio 106 on Mill Street in Northport. So here you go Peter Davidson! Your very own Haiku poem. Happy Birthday my friend.

Poem # 30 of 30


Art Through Peter

Found it on the beach

turned it into something else

art flows through Peter

Find out more about Peter’s artwork at:

NaPoWriMo:Poem 1 of 30 – Hello/Goodbye



If you had known

before you signed the book-

agreeing to this mortal life-

that you would know

first hand

first heart

what it would be

to rise up out of yourself in ecstacy-

to fold down into yourself in grief-

that you would hand your heart to someone

who would later, hand it back

scarred, with missing pieces-

the only evidence of an entwined life that would,


define love for you…

If you had known

that those two-syllable words

would start your world

and stop it

in the seconds it would take to say them-

would you have said hello

knowing that goodbye was destined?