NaPoWriMo2020 Poem #26: What Will Be Forgotten

inspired by the image by photographer, Jackie Heitchue

What Will Be Forgotten


Such fuss over gold and diamonds

babies in the grand scheme of things

what is a measly billion or two years

growing in the ground

compared to quadruple that


hurtling through

the cold silent universe

passing suns

and solar systems

crashing into other solid objects

and changing trajectory

over the eons

until the smallest


the most lasting bits-

enter Earth’s atmosphere

and arrive with a fiery show

to be gathered by a wizard

to forge Excaliber

or a ring of simple striated metal

worn by the soul

who truly knows its value-

far beyond that of pedestrian diamonds and gold

that litter shopping mall jewelry cases

This- like a lifetime of gathered wisdom

is the true treasure

we leave behind

as we blaze our way through life

ending, scattered, in the Earth after our fiery show

and guarded by the lucky few

who know our story

they make sure that we are not

what will be forgotten


What Will Be Forgotten
Photo by Jackie Heitchue “What Will Be Forgotten”


NaPoWriMo2020 Poem #23: Dear Universe

Poem #23 of 30

Dear Universe


Dear Universe,

Take away this killing virus

and along with that

take the need

for humans to climb over one another

to reach for more than we need-

Awaken the dead places in our hearts

and fill those dark voids

with wisdom, light and compassion

Let us know, finally,

that we are all-


inhaling and exhaling one another

and that when I offer my clean breath out

I will be welcome to a return

clean breath in

Thank you for my life.





NaPowriMo2020 Poem #22: Looking For Angels

Looking For Angels



am always

looking for angels

eye to eye

the familiar stranger passes

and dips his chin

to say-


it’s me-

roadway leaves

whirl up before the car

turned from passing wings


we are safe today

Following the ambulance

in the predawn light


they are everywhere

if you’re looking for angels

Holder of the Earth



NaPoWriMo2020 Poem #20- Grateful

Poem #20 of 30



for the things that come to settle in my hand

like feathers from the sky

dropped from passing birds

these gifts from somewhere

people who arrive

with the answer to a question

with skill to do what’s needed

with words to soothe the beast

Opportunities that rise up exactly

as my hand begins to reach

for the next challenge

So very grateful

that the flow of life around

brings all this wonder to my feet

Photo by Aaron Chang

NaPoWriMo2020 Poem #19- Dragon



Lost in your head again

weaving your own heroes tale

waiting for the winner’s laurel

there is no race here

no challenge to win

this is life

we all work

we all create

and there are no banquets

and acceptance speeches

for making a home

or feeding your family

this is life

the award

is the company you keep

people who mirror back

what you send their way

light or dark

we chose

every day

to do it the

easy way

or the hard way

and we find

at the end of our journey-

the dragon we slew

to win the final crown

was the dragon in the mirror