NaPoWriMo 2022 #2 Emergence

out of hospitals

out of isolation

out of depression

out of rehab

out of all the places

where we have been frozen in our private winters

unmoving except for the mind

emerging slowly from our inertia

it will take a moment

standing on our unsteady legs

learning to walk in this new world


like spring

and we will not be looking

like the healthy blush of summer

until that time arrives

until then

for awhile

we’ll resemble

dirty piles of snow on roadsides

bits of paper blown into the fences of our hair

just cold, wet, gray of April

when you see us outside again

but look at that

just there

beneath that piece of newspaper

a flower bud

fighting its way up

to feel the sun again

give her a little time

and she’ll emerge

as a brand new

primordial forest