Dust & Memories

In this lonesome attic space

years rise up from their resting place

All these images with vivid memories

Bring me down onto my grieving knees

Letters writ in other’s and my mother’s hand

And here’s what used to be a wedding band

A bit of lace, a lover’s face

A record album worn from play

History of another day

When I was wild and filled with dreams

Of what I’d pull from spirit streams

Some artifacts, they show the life I had

Found plans still sketches in a pad

And all of this tied up with string

All of my secret listening

To beating hearts once close to mine

Road markers at love’s crossing sign

And no one really knows but me

That none of this has come for free

The price of opening a cautious heart

Surrendered dreams to let me play a part

Beneath this aging dust

Remnants of my long lost trust

Attempts to finally get it right-

A love that lasts out in the light

Faded photographs and letter box

Flights of fancy tied to rocks

I could send it all to flame

Or save it for a later-game

Sitting in another attic far away

lost in mementos on some future day

Decades on when I’m alone

Reliving all the life I’ve known

Gathering words and faces one last time

These heady roses of a life sublime