NaPoWriMo Poem #22 of 30

What I Cherish

This thing we hold
softly in our hand-
vowing promises to
keep it shining-

These things we keep

tucked in the safe reaches
of our hearts

where they remain unchanged-

Still- the captured starlight

Still-the flower’s best perfume

Still- the sparkling light on water

Still-the perfect melody

What we gather close to

protect from harm-

this is what we cherish most

Within my collection,

I keep your voice.

I keep the presence of wonder I have witnessed
how it made me feel

Each fragile,
fleeting memory
that left me honored
having witnessed it
in my life

What transformed
my ordinary existence
for a moment-

Like an angel’s wing

brushing my face

a whispered message
in my ear
“Pay attention.
THIS is special.”


this is what I cherish most.

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