National Poetry Writing Month  ~  30 Poems in 30 Days    ~  Poem # 16 of 30

Down To This


It’s down to this, is it?

You, who can not handle the beauty and significance of a building you did not build, you do not love;  you have decided to burn it to the ground

You, who can not handle the beauty and the wisdom of women; you have decided to burn them, assault them, rape them, sell them, murder them

You, who are insanely jealous of the fact that females carry life inside them; you have decided to pass laws about what is in their bodies or not. 

You who can not control your own erections; you have decided to cover women from head to toe so you won’t have to mature and control your own penises.

You who can not handle the thought of anyone else having water or shelter or food or good health;  you have decided to covet the water sources, the food and the access to shelter, doling out small tastes of life sustaining elements for extortionist prices while you hoard the lion’s share

You, who can not handle the thought of a country that allows its citizens free speech, its women to vote and drive cars and have their voices heard at a boardroom table; you have decided to wage war against their open hearts and minds

It is down to this;

The jealous fits of rage of an adolescent male are the role model for religions, corporations and military organizations

Eleven Year Old Boys are running the world while hiding inside old men’s bodies.

It’s down to this.

It’s time for the sane adults

to bring these wicked boys in line.





Former columnist for the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel covering metaphysics, she got to interview the likes of Brian Weiss, The Amazing Kreskin and Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell. Mimi’s love of words became obvious to her parent’s at age four during high mass as she stood on the pew seat to rally the congregation- “Hey! Let’s everybody sit down!” She’s been a tour guide out west and has *too many* years of tourism marketing consulting, designing promo collateral, commercial scripts for TV/Radio, freelance writing, resume and bio coaching and large event planning. A poet, artist, world traveler, mom of two phenomenal kids; in the wee hours she has three finished fiction manuscripts, a published book of erotica, and two blogs and is a self-confessed Pinterest addict. Owner of a fabulous destination wedding and event venue in northern Michigan and a board member of the Northport Chamber of Commerce and Leelanau UnCaged Music & Art Street Festival planning committee. Currently writing a non-fiction book of unusual blessings that her friend/agent is kicking her rear to finish. Member of RWA, MMRWA, CCWA and former CCWA Board.

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