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NaPoWriMo – Poem #9: Good With Weird

#9 of 30 poems in 30 days


Good With Weird


I’m good with weird

Weird finds me

wherever I go

It follows me

like a stray cat

And brings me presents

from the hunt

Weird calls to ask

if I can do


I’ve never done before

And I say.

Yeah. Sure. Why not?

Weird asks me to give a talk

on some weird thing I’m doing

because someone else

wants to know

how it works.

And sometimes weird

hands me a ticket

to somewhere

I didn’t even know

I wanted to go

and when I get there,

it’s exactly where I needed to be.

You see,

If you don’t second guess weird

when it comes looking for you

You will find yourself somewhere wonderful

You will find yourself somewhere

You will find yourself

I am good with weird


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