Writing Prompt: I Didn’t Realize It Then…

Fifteen minute writing exercise. Saturday, December 15, 2018

exhale breath

PROMPT: I Didn’t Realize It Then

… but I was already connected to the world by a much stronger cord than this thin string that holds my spirit to my body.

The urge to look up and let the moon fill me, head to nine year old toes was a primal call. And once the family was sleeping, I would raise the venetian blinds behind the head of my bed and let that wash of silver light pour into my upturned face, there on my pillow- but only on certain days of the year.

I didn’t realize it then but I was feeling seasons and rotations of the Earth; large celestial movements that put the moon high or low in the sky, or- it seemed, not in the sky at all.

I didn’t realize it then but the hours spent high in the branches of my willow tree, letting her sway me back and forth; letting the wind comb my hair in all directions- that I was learning the eddy of wind; microbursts and gales that showed themselves to me in small movements in my Illinois yard- later learning that they move that way all across the planet. And some child on the other side of the globe, in time, might inhale a breath that I had exhaled on the wind while high up in my tree.

I didn’t realize it then, that every moment of my life has been a step, a hop, a stumble, a fall, a rising up again on the road that can only be viewed from the mountain of time we build by living every day.




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