Coming up on Memorial Day, I am reminded of everyone I have said goodbye to. This morning at breakfast, in a voice just above a whisper, Nancy said next week will be a year since Larry passed. A year. How is that possible?

Earlier this year, I had written a note to some friends who lost a mother and then a sister with a short breath between them. The note ended with a Haiku- my own nod to the stunning Japanese Death Poems; a Samurai tradition of capturing the essence of leaving in just a few words before they moved on to whatever is next. I’ve been told they copied it and it now hangs on the wall at their sound studio. I am honored.

So, for all who are thinking of those who left before us, here’s the Haiku written for Steve & Kathy. I hope it brings a soft memory of your beloveds.

The Light They Leave Behind haiku graphic

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