Red Road


I do not walk the Red Road in this life-

not being a path this body’s ancestors followed-

though I feel that road…over here.

In my bones

there is sympathetic harmony


when I hear the drums

measuring the heartbeat of the Earth.

In my world,

the one that has spent so much time

silencing that heartbeat

using white noise and non-sense;

though it cannot fill up every quiet place,

some still hear its voice.

I have heard it and now it cannot be unheard.

My own medicine wheel has shown me how to walk another road.

I move with humans to my left- where I can feel their presence

animal world to my right- where I can touch them with what flows through me-

Spirit at my back- encouraging me to take another step

And the stars ahead of me-

flung out far into the Universe

lighting my way.

Not a Red Road this time

but one of every color.

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