Anywhere Like Heaven

C cathead firepit C cathead windy C cathead morning C cathead birds water you pic cathead bay Cathead Bay Michigan panoramic roadtrip cathead bay

I have a friend who lives in summertime along this hidden stretch of heaven.

Wind dances across the bay bringing constant change to a view and I could watch for days. When I visit, I rise up with the sun-a thing that does not happen naturally in my own suburban home. Too much interference from buildings, traffic, and electrical gadgets that make cities go…it keeps the ancient call to rise buried beneath the noise.

Out here though, on Cathead Bay, it’s just me and the wind. Me and the sky. Me and the water. Me and the stars. Me and the thoughts I can’t hear when I’m in my noisy world. Me and the friends that welcome me in to their little bit of heaven.

Thank you, Patty, for letting me know this Northern Michigan treasure hidden from the world and for your long friendship. I am grateful.



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  1. You are so eloquent with your words. I TOO feel blessed that I can share this treasure with you AND for our long time friendship.

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