Pro Bullying: Indiana, Let’s Call It What It Is

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Indiana just made history passing a piece of legislation neatly wrapped and sanitized in the guise of “religious freedom.” First off, religious freedom in America is a given. It’s why those tight-ass pilgrims boarded rat infested ships and sailed to a land filled with Indians living peacefully and shoved their way into the picture. We already have “religious freedom” built into our constitutional rights.

A “Religious Freedom” bill is nothing more than a free pass to be an asshole to other people.

Indiana’s bizarre legislation, like Hobby Lobby and all the other conservative, “I want to control YOUR life”, organizations have begun what they think is a stealthy campaign to bring that old-time religious bullshit right into everyone’s living room. THIER old-time religion; effectively negating my personal beliefs in favor of their own.

They have purchased the elections of politicians and have enlisted the money power of one-per-centers whose corporate affiliations stand to earn windfalls of cash if the war-machine that is currently running the Hill have their way and successfully wrangle us into yet another never-ending war where they can peddle their products to the military. And the church goers don’t even care that their religious agenda is petty cannon fodder for the money men’s larger agenda.

Let’s cut the crap and call this exactly what it is. It is Bullying; plain and simple. It’s gathering the biggest, beefiest guys at school and beating the crap out of any skinny kid whose red hair and freckles “offend” you. It’s taking over student council and voting in a “No-Fags-At Prom” rule and the school board is letting you do it, because the board members are your parents and they hate “fags” too.

It’s pretending to be concerned about the “unborn” by hiring legal and public relations bullies whose job it is to find a way to shove your religion inside my uterus.

Bullying is locking arms across the front door of a place of business and barring the entry of a GLBT person or ejecting them from a business based on your own homophobic code of “ethics”.

What these groups are doing is attempting to dismantle the ACLU and any legislation that currently protects the rest of us from their bullying.

Whether you openly wear a white hood and spew hate rhetoric or you hide behind a cross and make up some outrageous bullshit about what Jesus would or would not do to the people you happen to hate, it is what it is: BULLYING.

The irony is thick as we are now surrounded with anti-bullying campaigns in our schools, while adults are spending more than some nations have- just to get in the pants of someone they are bullying and put a stop to something personal that they have no business even knowing about in the first place.

It’s Bullying. If you’re going to do it while you wear your pretty pastel clothing to Easter service, at least have the balls to admit what you are doing.

TRUTH: what a concept.

While you’re at Fed-Ex/Kinko’s getting your Pro-Life posters printed, make it a two-for-one and make your Pro-Bullying posters as well.


I can’t wait to see how they’ll spin that.