NaPoWriMo-Poem#11 Something Sure

NaPoWriMo Poem #11 of 30

30 Poems in 30 Days for National Poetry Writing Month

Something Sure

Clutter on the counter

Shoes piled at the door

Now it feels like someone lives here

There’s a sense of something more

Someone’s making coffee

Cooking food

And doing chores

Sounds of life around me

Cats are stretched out on the floor

Where there once were plans for someday

Now I’m holding something sure

NaPoWriMo2020 Poem #6- Isolation: Day 27

Poem #6 of 30

Isolation: Day 27

human movement minimal-

as if everyone but our small tribe

has traveled off planet

and we are left behind

uninvited to what’s happening anywhere else

in isolation

the inner voice yells its agenda





do something

do nothing

are they different?

now, in this void of action

left to our own devices

we sit like children

outside the principal’s office


for a ride home



NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #3 of 30 –

March 31, 2020- Wednesday morning in Chicago


there were no sirens

no practice drill

to ready us for this

like the vapid teen in the slasher film

another fool swaggers out

into the village taunting the threat

unaware he’s brought the killer home

where it will steal the breath

from his mother’s mother

here- north of the world

in this small village

we don’t feel the cold punch of truth

the city dwellers face

here- we can still pretend there is a place

called “Over There”

where that thing happened one spring

we can still imagine

summer waiting

fresh and clear and lush

with night blooming jasmine

and sweet hammock dreams

on a hot August night

and we are all, still, immortal

in our bathroom mirrors

NaPoWriMo:Poem 1 of 30 – Hello/Goodbye



If you had known

before you signed the book-

agreeing to this mortal life-

that you would know

first hand

first heart

what it would be

to rise up out of yourself in ecstacy-

to fold down into yourself in grief-

that you would hand your heart to someone

who would later, hand it back

scarred, with missing pieces-

the only evidence of an entwined life that would,


define love for you…

If you had known

that those two-syllable words

would start your world

and stop it

in the seconds it would take to say them-

would you have said hello

knowing that goodbye was destined?

NaPoWriMo: Poem #16: Down To This

National Poetry Writing Month  ~  30 Poems in 30 Days    ~  Poem # 16 of 30

Down To This


It’s down to this, is it?

You, who can not handle the beauty and significance of a building you did not build, you do not love;  you have decided to burn it to the ground

You, who can not handle the beauty and the wisdom of women; you have decided to burn them, assault them, rape them, sell them, murder them

You, who are insanely jealous of the fact that females carry life inside them; you have decided to pass laws about what is in their bodies or not. 

You who can not control your own erections; you have decided to cover women from head to toe so you won’t have to mature and control your own penises.

You who can not handle the thought of anyone else having water or shelter or food or good health;  you have decided to covet the water sources, the food and the access to shelter, doling out small tastes of life sustaining elements for extortionist prices while you hoard the lion’s share

You, who can not handle the thought of a country that allows its citizens free speech, its women to vote and drive cars and have their voices heard at a boardroom table; you have decided to wage war against their open hearts and minds

It is down to this;

The jealous fits of rage of an adolescent male are the role model for religions, corporations and military organizations

Eleven Year Old Boys are running the world while hiding inside old men’s bodies.

It’s down to this.

It’s time for the sane adults

to bring these wicked boys in line.