One match can light a thousand fires…

So, there’s this woman named Sally. She grew up with music and art and amazing people surrounding her and when she came into her power, she wanted to start something that could grow and last. Something that required people to join the game; participate. The game is about creative flow and it starts with one piece of inspiration. (insert sound of match igniting here…)

It might be a word or a song. Maybe a video clip or a photograph. Anything really. Strangers, friends, whoever is moved to do so, uses that prompt to create something else that was inspired from experiencing the first offering.

The game is growing, just like Sally hoped it would, and people are collaborating right here online. (…more fires lighting from the first flame…)

The only reason I am aware of this project is a photographer friend posted a link online to her beautiful photo that was used as the June 2018 inspiration over at Consenses.

Always a fan of anything Jane Rosemont does, I followed her like Samwise to see where the journey was taking us that day. I have a gorgeous photo on my wall that she created during another creative project where she used old tea bags.

Jane's Tea Addiciton
“Jane’s Tea Addiction” by Jane Rosemont

Knowing I’d end up someplace amazing, I followed the link in her post to the June Challenge at Consenses and spent some time with this haunting image she had captured on the Salton Sea.

Dream House by Jane Rosemont
Photograph by Jane Rosemont “Dream House”

The photo plucked a chord on the still strings that live in my dusty memory and a poem showed up.


Almost a Life                  MDH/©2018

I found a photo of our place

At the bottom of an old suitcase

Just you and me and the Salton Sea

In the house of lover’s souvenirs

Days passed as we climbed together – up that inner mountain

Igniting love a thousand times until it was a fountain

Spilling out onto the sand,

Shimmering magic in our hands

Brave enough to make a stand

Your soul and mine, our lives entwined

The light we made had left us blind

We couldn’t lean so hard upon the fragile frame

In this place of dreams – just a shell remains.

An almost home; an almost life, a link without a chain

An empty bed,

A book unread

And all these pictures in my head

Hands laid on your sun warm skin, echoed laughter here instead

No more remains of what we were

Just frame and dust and whispered words

Like promises of so much more

And seeing as there was no door

They blew off on a desert breeze

Your goodbye left me on my knees

There was a time this would have been enough for me

When you were standing at my side out on the Salton Sea


That’s my small offering, but have a look at some really phenomenal projects posted out there.

Like this one from an 11 year old girl who created and performed this song, Under Her Braids. Have a listen…

11. She’s ELEVEN years old.

Want in on this game?

Follow me, little dove…

To join this “Artistic game of telephone”, click the link watch the video where Sally talks about how this whole thing works.

Then, click CREATE and start the engine of creativity……..

And while you’re surfing through wonder, go see what Jane is up to now. Her world is filled with art and music and film; like her film Shirts! that recently premiered at the Dances With Films festival in Los Angeles, June 2018. It stars her husband, Dick. Yeah. That’s right. Dick & Jane. I also have friends named Wendy & Peter. Deal with it.

So why are you sitting there wishing you could do something fun again? Go play with matches…

light a match