Sex Education vs. Religious Mythological Medicine


Like Alice Dreger, I am an East Lansing mom whose two kids went through the very high school where Alice sat in on her son’s sex-ed class last spring. I’m so happy that she used her social network platform to go “over the wall” and report back what sort of crap soup our kids were being fed, on our dime, in the classroom at school.

BRAVO Alice Dreger! Let conservative parents teach mythological medicine in their own homes and churches. Public schools should teach REAL sciences and ONLY real sciences.

Church people: If you want to teach superstition, mythology or other non-secular topics, open your own private schools like Catholics have for ages and send your kids there.

They can certainly afford to do that without breaking a sweat.

In fact, the money East Lansing High School paid to this No-Choice “education program” to spread their dogma came from MY tax dollars and went into THIER “tax exempt” bank accounts. The same massive bank accounts they use to buy politicians and P.R. campaigns like the grossly misleading *Planned Parenthood Sells Body Parts* campaign they launched this month nationwide to garner votes for “THEIR” candidates. And we wonder how a mouth breather like Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker got elected…

Follow the money…

Look at this:
The Yearly Cost of Religious Tax Exemptions: $71,000,000,000
June 16, 2012 by Hemant Mehta
We know churches get tax exemptions, but how much money does that actually come out to?
University of Tampa professor Ryan T. Cragun along with students Stephanie Yeager and Desmond Vega ran some calculations and figured out a number:
While some people may be bothered by the fact that there are pastors who live in multimillion dollar homes, this is old news to most. But here is what should bother you about these expensive homes: You are helping to pay for them! You pay for them indirectly, the same way local, state, and federal governments in the United States subsidize religion — to the tune of about $71 billion every year.

Read more about Alice’s adventure in instant media fame and the terrific outcome from her honest and hilarious live-tweeting from inside the schoolroom.


Amazon… A virtual marketplace, or Big Brother?

Holy hack, Batman. Is Amazon hacking our social networking posts to “discover” our connections to other people? And are our social networking “friends” considered “Real Life Friends”, making our connections a disqualifying factor for book and product reviews? What the hell Amazon? Big Brother has arrived.

imy santiago

A couple of weeks ago I read the third installment of a series I really loved. I will refrain from sharing the name of the novel and its author.

Like any reader, as soon as I finished reading, I wrote my review. When I tried posting it on Amazon (I did buy the eBook, just like any normal and decent human being would), I received a rather concerning email.

I will not share the screenshot of the email as it does contain the title of the book and name of the author. In its place I have copied the body of the email below.

Dear Amazon Customer,

Thanks for submitting a customer review on Amazon. Your review could not be posted to the website in its current form. While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines:

Here I was, thinking I had included an…

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