Poetry Day: Night Vigil

Night Vigil  by  Mimi DiFrancesca

On the last night of his life

My father asked to see the stars

So I lifted his frail weight into the chair

And wheeled him out the door-

Beneath the Phoenix midnight sky

His cloudy eyes looked up

To soak in the vast dome of wonder-

A million points of light awaited him

Visible, even hindered by the street lights

His old friends were waiting still

Like they had so long ago

When he ran through an Illinois field

His brothers at his side

Surely, like they did as he stood on deck

To cross the channel of black water

That brought his different brothers 

to the shore of Normandy

Even then, those same shining friends

Stood guard

As promise of more-

And on that last night of July 

Beneath the desert sky

He took one last look

Certain then the stars were true

Forever holding their celestial vigil

Witnessing the lives 

Of every being

Across the universe



Of something more.

Poetry Day: My Full Moon Face

My Full Moon Face            

you think you know me

because you can stand in a certain spot

on a particular day

at a specific time of night


if the sky is clear

you can find me shining again

at a determined declination 

and right ascension

you think you know me because

a few times each year

you can see

my full moon face

you think you know me 

because you’ve studied what I’m made of

and ascertained the orbit of my life

In truth

you’ve observed 

the least of me

and then, only for fleeting moments

on occasional sightings

the rest of me

that’s always 

hidden from your view

is the most of me

you think you know me-

you don’t know 

what I get up to

in the collective

of the immeasurable 

dark sky

Poetry Day: Sky Cathedral

Sky Cathedral

Outside is my church

and stars-

are candles in my sky cathedral

Open every night-

wherever I go

Along the vast Milky Way

every one that I

have ever known

who has now abandoned

this physical life

to swim in the sea of stardust 

and commiserate with ancients-

I see them

like they see me

face towards the Universe-

And they hear me ask


how am I doing?”