A Window To The Soul

Every soul that dances on this planet for however long they have, is like a stained glass window.

Each experience; dark or light, happy or sad;causing expanded awareness or diminished point of view, adds another color; another piece to their personal design.

On leaving their mortal vessels, these “windows”, these collected life experiences, are what we leave behind in the memories of those we knew.

For some, the windows are a monochromatic collection; repeated designs of similar vibration.

For others, their lives have created a breathtaking masterpiece of intricate beauty, leaving the rest of us, mere mortals, standing in awe of what they have done with their turn on Earth.

The people we are closest to have the unique perspective of seeing, side to side, the whole of our window and they hold that gift close to their hearts.

What does your window look like right now? What could you add that would let the world know who you are?

Will our loved ones be saying …”but you should have seen them in the sunlight.”