NaPoWriMo Poem #20: In Context

In Context

Out of context
Is like a partial ocean view
Seen only through a tiny window
Accessed at the top
of a rickety ladder

Created in sacred space
Layered note on note
Voice on voice
Side sounds- small and large
Quiet pause leading to twelve different instruments filling

Sound horizon

All that careful planning-
And still if
Heard only
through tinny car speakers
The listener misses out on
Treasure, there for the taking
A kingdom awaits
Needing only decent headphones
To enter
And experience
The work
In context-

A sacred offering

from a music artist

To the world


NaPoWriMo Poem #19: The Mix

The Mix

Here I am
So full of words
That they spill out

At 3am
And I have to argue
with my brain
to shut the hell up
So I can sleep

And there you are
With narily but a shrug
Sleeping like a baby
With a full belly
And a silent world

How did we put this mix
You and I

NaPoWriMo Poem #18: Was That You?

Was That You?

It is one thing to
Say a last goodbye
to older
It’s natural
It’s expected
Though painful
We hold the consolation
Of imagining they lived a
Long and full life

But to let go of the hand of
A friend for the last time
Makes a rip in the world
that we will trip over
the rest of our lives.

Each gathering of mutual friends
Contains a crater in the center
They once stood
When a stranger just ahead
on crowded city street
makes us rush to catch up-
Certain that we saw them
Same height
Same build
Same hair
Same gait

What cruel trick is this
That tears my heart open

like it’s happening

all over again

Just when I thought
The tape I’d used
would hold me back together

NaPoWriMo: Poem #16: Down To This

National Poetry Writing Month  ~  30 Poems in 30 Days    ~  Poem # 16 of 30

Down To This


It’s down to this, is it?

You, who can not handle the beauty and significance of a building you did not build, you do not love;  you have decided to burn it to the ground

You, who can not handle the beauty and the wisdom of women; you have decided to burn them, assault them, rape them, sell them, murder them

You, who are insanely jealous of the fact that females carry life inside them; you have decided to pass laws about what is in their bodies or not. 

You who can not control your own erections; you have decided to cover women from head to toe so you won’t have to mature and control your own penises.

You who can not handle the thought of anyone else having water or shelter or food or good health;  you have decided to covet the water sources, the food and the access to shelter, doling out small tastes of life sustaining elements for extortionist prices while you hoard the lion’s share

You, who can not handle the thought of a country that allows its citizens free speech, its women to vote and drive cars and have their voices heard at a boardroom table; you have decided to wage war against their open hearts and minds

It is down to this;

The jealous fits of rage of an adolescent male are the role model for religions, corporations and military organizations

Eleven Year Old Boys are running the world while hiding inside old men’s bodies.

It’s down to this.

It’s time for the sane adults

to bring these wicked boys in line.





NaPoWriMo Poem #13: Empty Calendar

Poem #13 of 30

Empty Calendar

Appointments serve as structural dividers that cordon off our days into neatly ordered sections

In the off season
Or in retirement I’d guess
The absence of these structured
Place holders causes days to collapse and run into one another
Like cake batter poured on a plate
That can not hold the volume
Yet we expect it to firm up
Once the heat of the day gets at it.

We find ourselves confused that it’s weekly trash day again
Didn’t that just happen two days ago?

The phone tells us which day this is because we didn’t care enough to cross them off on the wall calendar we never look at.

There’s some rebel, Kerouac shit that rises up in us when we eliminate time commitments

It’s a free range

Confusing beautiful.
See you Thursday

Or not

NaPoWriMo Poem#11: Up The Ante

Poem #11 of 30


Up The Ante

I’ll put in one beating heart
Dreams of a future together
A faithful stand by your side
More colorful wonder
than one life can handle
And raise you the capability
To make it all happen-

Your turn
Ante up
let’s see your hand