NaPoWriMo Poem #30: My Job Now

This is the final entry for the April 2019 National Poetry Writing Month Challenge: 30 Poems in 30 Days. This has been so interesting and like any creative endeavor, it makes me want to go make something else. I think I’ll do some painting next…

But for now, for Paul, who filled the world for 27 years and now forever…


My Job Now

It’s said that if a writer loves you

That you will never die

and I’m here to tell you

that it’s true-

A thousand times

Your eyes are seen

Your words are heard

Your wild heart is revealed-

Each reader who stumbles

onto your pages

starts the clock again

on your life as

they discover you-

As if you were still so young

As if you were still here

As if your heart still beat strong and true

It’s my job now

To make them not forget you

And so you come along with me

When I grab my pen and notebook



We’ll write the tales you never got to live.

NaPoWriMo Poem #29: That’s Ever Been

Poem #29 of 30

That’s Ever Been

When he says
My God, you’re beautiful
Believe it
Believe it
Believe it
Like a radio wave
Continuing out into the universe forever-
So are the moments when
You come to know yourself
Through someone else’s eyes

Believe it
Even when you cannot reconcile
That love flushed observation
With your image in a mirror
Remember that it happened

There is no never in the universe-
Only everything that’s ever been

NaPoWriMo Poem #25: Cocoon

#25 of 30


Time presses

into itself

until six months is

just a day

Every time I get it right
I have to leave again

To that other home where
Parts of me live out

Those same parts that cocoon
over winter

Dream of color and sound

Hidden beneath a cold,

white blanket

And in the moment

of making the most of a home

and its quiet refuge-

it’s time to emerge

and soar


somewhere else

How I love the warm nest

I have made

But how I also love the flying

NaPoWriMo Poem #24 Woman’s Best Friend

Poem 24 of 30-

Woman’s Best Friend

Most of my life has been spent

in the good company of dogs-

Shoulder bumping my leg as we walk;

reminder that they were still there.

Dangerous tails clearing coffee tables

Missing holiday turkey when left unattended

Drive by face lickings

Peaked ears at strange noises after midnight

From shared warmth

sleeping pup, nuzzled on my neck

to stretched out long against my back

My ear pressed to a sturdy chest

to hear a heartbeat

I could listen to forever.

My dearest creature friends

who gave

all their love

all their loyalty

all their lives-

It’s so quiet now,

except for the river of tears I make

upon their leaving

National Poetry Writing Month Challenge – Poem #23 of 30: One Fell Swoop

NaPoWriMo 2019 challenge- 30 poems in 30 days. Poem #23

One Fell Swoop

In one fell swoop, my heart

was lifted off the roadway

where I had

been traveling without

a true destination,

awaiting a sign

from unseen guides;

advisers all my life-

What did I know of

destinies and

agreements made

before this earthly incarnation-

Promises to ferry in

two beings

needing passage

from the ethers-

a contract on my soul to

shelter and nurture

their hunger for knowledge.

Promises fulfilled-

ear to the sky

alert to the arrival

of new instructions

and where

I am needed next.

NaPoWriMo Poem #22 What I Cherish

NaPoWriMo Poem #22 of 30

What I Cherish

This thing we hold
softly in our hand-
vowing promises to
keep it shining-

These things we keep

tucked in the safe reaches
of our hearts

where they remain unchanged-

Still- the captured starlight

Still-the flower’s best perfume

Still- the sparkling light on water

Still-the perfect melody

What we gather close to

protect from harm-

this is what we cherish most

Within my collection,

I keep your voice.

I keep the presence of wonder I have witnessed
how it made me feel

Each fragile,
fleeting memory
that left me honored
having witnessed it
in my life

What transformed
my ordinary existence
for a moment-

Like an angel’s wing

brushing my face

a whispered message
in my ear
“Pay attention.
THIS is special.”


this is what I cherish most.

NaPoWriMo Poem #21: Dragon Kite Mouth

Dragon Kite Mouth

Someday, your mouth will get you into trouble, he said

Oh, Dad, if you only knew the wonderful, awful trouble its led me to.

To people who touched the sky

And to the border walls of hell

Words stream out like a tail on a dragon kite.

Out of my mouth and into the air

Sure and true

For me

In the moment

In truth-

That is all we have:


And true

In the moment