Poetry Day: The Bones of This Place

The Bones of This Place

Northport Marina July 4 2017
Northport, Michigan Marina, July 4, 2017  mdh

I am still a flower pin worn on a summer hat in this little village…

Not like some who have become the tanned skin

or deeper yet, the flesh of this place.

Earned with years of faithful returns to  the waiting cottages

with fine dust on tables

that floats in the slanted sunlight

as the windows rise again.

Northport Lelu building
Hidden garden next to the Lelu Building- Northport, MI    mdh

Others, here around the seasons

are now the very blood running through the street veins-

keeping the fires burning and

nodding a farewell to us when winter walks this way.


The longest here; the ones whose names sit on stones

in silent spaces…

on signs that guide us on…

on barns that have gathered the cherry harvest for

More than one hundred years-

They are the bones of this place-

They are the framework that holds it all together

no matter the changing shape of everything around

as it grows and thins from year to year,

starves and flourishes-

Stands naked in hard years or

wears a flowered hat when the bank is full-

The bones… they hold the memory

of why this place is even here.


barbs in winter
Barb’s Bakery- Northport, MI  January, 2016  mdh