Vanity Schmanity: Self-Publishing Shame

“Writing is an act of ego. You might as well admit it.” William Knowlton Zinsser   An act of ego. Yes. Let’s get that right out there at the starting line. Writing, or for that matter, any art that is practiced must always begin in the depths of that small furnace of creativity that fuels …

Reading/Watching/Listening: Spring Has Sprung

Yes, both Elizabeth Hunter and April White are FANTASTIC writers. Buy all their books and savor every word. I did. And I’m reading Changing Nature right now.


It rained yesterday! Which, if you’re not from California might not be super exciting, but if you ARE in California, caused you to break into spontaneous dancing.


So, my son was on Easter break last week, which meant we were both running around visiting family and friends, which was a lot of fun! But kind of tiring, too. Happily, I’m back home today and I’d like to report that I am approximately 1/3 finished with the first draft of the next Elemental World book, which features Murphy and Anne, who were supporting characters in Building From Ashes. More about them and the new book on the blog tomorrow.


Try to hold in your excitement.

Until I come out with that book, let’s talk about what I’m RWLing to when I’m not SLAVING AWAY LIKE A DRUDGE FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE!

0dbe397432bd828789c917819b03403d (Banner stolen from April’s website. April, please don’t sue me.)


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People of Earth! This is who won all the online debates…

I made this for anyone who needs it. You're welcome. Copy and paste into asinine debate areas and message threads.       People of Earth  This debate has been resolved. There is no further need to post your own personal opinions on this topic as they are now irrelevant. The final word on this …