Defining a Villain or a Politician…or Both

I’m doing some research on crafting a better villain for my fiction and I saw this poster; a cheat sheet of attributes that make a character a villain. The more of these they have the more villainous they are.

Here’s the thing; I got about seven into this list of 100 and I had to stop and ask myself if this was a description of politicians and corporate giants. I’d expect their high school year book achievements to read this way if they were honest. Go ahead. Give the list a look-see and be aware of whose face pops up as you go.

Is it any wonder that people have such a deep seated distrust of our “elected” officials? I use the term elected loosely because I don’t think that purchasing a position by out spending your candidate is an election. That is called an auction.

It makes you stop and think when out of 100 Villainous Traits more than half can accurately describe the people we have to rely on to decide the fate of our economy, our national safety and if you have a vagina, the privacy of our health care choices.

I think I empathize with Loki better than most members of Congress.

Happy Friday

Cheat Sheet of Villainous Attributes
Cheat Sheet of Villainous Attributes

Poetry Day: Speechless

Rays of sunlight through trees revealing autumnal colours in Mark Ash Wood.



I do not ramble on

with clever words

when I am in the presence

of pure love.

Instead, I am rendered speechless;

lain out silently on the altar of forever

I am transformed to sunlight-

quiet, burning

urging things to grow

beautiful and wild

in my wake.

My Creator of All Things


After writing a full novel manuscript I find myself only pulling smaller word threads for a while; resting some muscle but keeping it taut with sprints through poetry and essay. It’s another poetry day and I’m feeling like offering up this one to the cyber pyre of anonymous eyes.





Creator of All Things


My Creator of All Things

Is not the playground bully created by religion

Not the God with the small “g” who has a vocabulary

With words like






And judgment


My Creator of All Things

Needs no words.

To name a thing is to capture it

And stop its evolution towards something more


My Creator of All Things

Set a dance in motion a trillion, trillion, trillion years ago

A trillion, trillion, trillion years from now

One second ago



Time is a measuring stick designed for tiny human brains

To help us organize events into simple patterns we can understand


My Creator of All Things

Swirled the dust of everything into a golden spiral

And I see the signature everywhere

From the perfect turn of my DNA

To the galaxies spinning in dizzying proportions light years across the vastness beyond


My Creator of All Things

Swirled the dust of everything

And the dance began, begins, will begin

Throughout the Multiverse

Flung far




triggered by possibility

Every possibility

Every choice

Conscious or unconscious

Amongst the sentient and insentient



My Creator of All Things

Is the observer

Watching as each speck of dust finds its way around the spiral

And back again to be part of itself

Though it never left


My Creator of All Things

Does not require membership










My Creator of All Things

Touches my heart

When I sit in a field of flowers

Looking closely at the perfect design of a

Clover blossom while the bee

moves without hesitation

Knowing its purpose and its path


My Creator of All Things rocks me gently

When I feel the earth moving in its orbit


I grow



And discover the possibilities

Of every choice I make

Consciously or unconsciously

As I dance around the spiral

On my way back to where I began


My Creator of All Things is not the school yard bully created by religion


My Creator of All Things is the Alpha, the Omega

and everything in between.


And I am a microscopic, macroscopic

Vital and relevant part of All Things