The Story I Tell

The story I tell

So, what is the story that you tell?

If, every single day, the story you tell starts with, “You never…” or ” You always…” then THAT is what you create and what shows up, in your face, every…single…day.

Want the world around you to show up differently? Tell a different story; a better story…about good things.

Magically, THAT is what will begin to show up, in your face, every…single…day.

NaNoWriMo 2014


I’m doing it. I’m writing a novel in a month-along with thousands of others during the NaNoWriMo 2014 event (National Novel Writing Month).

The folks that run this thing suggest that you make a public declaration about your participation. That way, you are committed to finishing the 50,000 word challenge (a novella, really) and if you don’t complete it, the experience would be akin to face planting on your way to the stage to receive your big diploma. No one needs to add to their little Museum of Publicly Embarrassing Things, so here I am, declaring participation for all to see.

It’s crazy and it’s intense but I need a cattle prod to the butt cheek about now while a few manuscripts are fermenting on my desk at around 30,000 words each.

Apparently, you can either start a brand new project or just use the time to finally finish the damn book you’ve been working on too long. I haven’t decided yet which way to go but I can feel my inspiration fairies moving around in the attic, going through my subconscious and setting up s’mores stations near the best ideas I’ve stored up in my head.

Buckle up. This might get very interesting……

Anyone else doing this challenge?