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Mark Twain Quote Mark Twain famously once said “the difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter – it is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug.”

As writers it’s important to know that we’re more than storytellers, we are wordsmiths! Every word we type has potential to do more than convey character and plot. Our words can also deepen the mood and emotional resonance in our novels.

Ilsa J. Bick is a master of this technique. In her apocalyptic zombie novel, Ashes, Bick intensifies each page with the danger of her world through the use of aggressive words. In the following examples Bick uses the violent words of: slash, spear, and pierced, to describe otherwise peaceful images.

ashes_sales-1“She registered the slash of morning sun in an already too-bright and very cold room…” (301).

“She heard the creak of Tom’s footsteps overhead, and a 

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The First Three Chapters of the Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy, ARC…

I’ve been working hard on my novel, Arc and rewriting it from a different point of view. Have you ever done that? Hammered out tens of thousands of words and then had the forehead slapping realization that the wrong person is telling this particular story? Yeah. It sucks. But better stuff comes after the weeds are pulled.

Anyway, I’ve decided to follow in the new tradition of putting larger portions of a novel out there for people to read, so here you go. The first three chapters of Arc. Enjoy.


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Joss Whedon & the Space Station

You know the question about what famous person, living or dead you would want to be stranded with on the Space Station for a month? Joss Whedon. That’s my pick.

This guy is a veritable horn of plenty that delivers a continuous stream of scripts and characters and storylines that capture my imagination every time.

It wouldn’t be like being stuck with someone who can barely create their own life. Being stuck out there with Joss would be more like him, me and the hundreds of stories that he’d have just squatting in his head.

Add mine to the mix and an endless supply of tasty food items and we’d be good. 

Yeah. I pick Whedon. Who do you pick?